Friday, January 11, 2013

elmer's glue as peel off base coat x etude house PGR701 helium balloon review ~ part II

after the successful peeling of elmer's glue as base coat, this time i want to see how long it can last on my nails :P and here are some images of it before drying entirely

elmers glue peel off base coat
it is a bit difficult to try and apply the glue evenly, after trying my best it still looks gloppy as it dries but it dried to feel even.

elmers glue peel off base coat
on my pinky nail the elmer's glue is dried matte, on other three fingers, the elmer's glue is still wet which has a glossy look
it takes roughly 10 minutes to dry complete

after the elmer's glue dried, i used 4 coats of etude house Dear My Party Nails pgr701 Helium Balloon and plenty of top coat for it to feel even.

etude house pgr701 helium balloon dear my party nails collection
Etude House PGR701 Helium Balloon ~ Dear My Party Nails Collection

this mani was done using:
elmer's glue ~ peel off base coat
essie ~ grow stronger
etude house ~ pgr701 helium balloon
essie ~ good to go top coat

did you noticed how everything started with an "e"? hahah <- so random :P

I also wonder how long it can be worn, but judging from the number of layers, i feel that its pretty sturdy, if it lasts 3 days i would give it a perfect score as i don't think i would want to wear it any longer :P

Etude House PGR701 Helium Balloon Review:
  • it dries quick: 4/5
  • even application: 3/5
  • flat glitter: 2/5 
  • scent is strong: 2/5
  • coverage: 3/5
i wasn't too impressed with this glitter because i like my glitters flat. because of the glitters' "taco"ing, it took 4 coats to get this coverage, and it sucks all the top coat, i had to use three coats of essie ~ good to go


  1. oooooh... I'm planning to get myself this one too ~~ i love thick chunky glitter. we gotta nailmail again this year ^^

    1. I am so glad you received my nailmail finally