Tuesday, January 8, 2013

taped waves ~pretty easy nail pictorial 14


Taped waves
What you need:
  • nail art/scotch tape (I am not sure what other tape works best)
  • 2 different blue polish
  • silver polish
  • dotting tool/ tooth pick / pinhead
paint base coat to minimize color staining especially from the blues
  1. tape half nail
  2. paint a lighter blue (let dry)
  3. cut tape into various widths (if using scotch tape) and arrange onto nail (the taped part is the negative)
  4. paint over nail and remove tape while wet (let dry)
  5. repeat step 3 & 4 to create adjacent lines
  6. dot using the darker blue polish
  7. dot silver on top of the blue polish
seal with top coat to increase shine and durability
Its quite abstract, What do you see in the design?

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