Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hallo Holographic Swatch & Review

Hallo Holographic

Holographic polishes has been out for some time, but... for me, it always takes some time for me decide whether or not I am into it. And it is pretty awesome! It keeps me looking at my nails :P It is hard to capture colors.

holographic polish gosh
under artificial lighting

holographic polish gosh
with flash
Gosh Holographic Hero Review:
  • drying time: 4/5 
  • even application: 3/5
  • flat glitter: n/a
  • coverage: 4/5
In terms of formula, it is easy to apply but it is also hard to avoid bald spots when done with many brushstrokes. I really like this polish because it keeps me entertained. This polish has a linear holographic effect.