Tuesday, January 8, 2013

lady gaga inspired ~pretty easy nail pictorial 13


lady gaga costume inspired

  • grey polish (sheer/jelly)
  • silver glitter polish
  • rhinestones
  • sponge
paint base coat to minimize color staining
  1. use sponge to dab some grey polish ideally about a bit over halfway onto nail (let dry, go onto the next nail, by the time you are finish with all five fingers, it should be dried enough)
  2. re-dab more polishes about a little under the first dabs to create a gradient look (if you want more opaque on the tips)
  3. paint a glitter polish (covering just bit over the first of grey polishes)
  4. re-dab more polishes under the glitters (to create a semi-transparent look)
  5. apply top coat as glue to hold rhinestones (use a toothpick to touch a bit of top coat to make it sticky to pick up the rhinestones)
apply top coat again to secure the rhinestones, adding shine and durability
this look is quite easy to wear with a lot of glam!

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