I used to do absolutely nothing to take care of my body, but then I was young. As I start to mature I realize I should start caring for my body to try aging slower :P
these things I have only started to try them, so I cannot say whether they are good or better than other similar products
nail care:
  • Pro-FX apricot cuticle oil 
it does not feel greasy after rubbing, it helps to make my cuticle not look dry when taking pictures :) so I do like this cuticle oil but it will last me probably a life time? I hope there isn't an expiration date?
  • CND Cuticle Eraser 
it does feel somewhat greasy to me, but I have no idea what cuticle treatments are like, I am not too fond of the scent. However, I found great things said about this cuticle eraser and many nail artists like this one.
hand care:
  • Crabtree & Evelyn Wisteria Body Cream
this body cream smells so nice and not greasy. I don't really know what the huge difference between hand creams and body creams are, but I did look it up and found that hand creams are a little thicker than body creams.
  • Bath & Body Works sweet pea anti-bacterial moisturizing hand lotion
  • Bath & Body Works nectarine mint anti-bacterial moisturizing hand lotion
I adore these two hand creams, because it smells so good and its anti-bacterial (I am lazy), it is a little heavier than the crabtree & evelyn wisteria body cream, which confirms my research.

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