Monday, January 14, 2013

31 Day Nail Challenge: Week 1 Red

cute red bunnies manicure

as a part of of my week one challenge i had to think pretty hard on what to do because red isn`t a color that I love on me. so in order to incorporate red, i decided on something cute... like bunnies :P 

this cute red bunnies manicure is very simple and easy to do, everything can be done with dotting tools :P i decided to include a simple pictorial as well to show how my bunnies were done.
how to do cute red bunnies manicure nails

so here they are:

cute red bunnies rabbits manicure nails with polka dots

here is an image of before i added the polka dots, what do you think? with or without?

cute red bunnies manicure nails

this mani was done using:
  • china glaze ~ make some noise
  • nicole opi ~ razzle dazzler
  • opi ~ alpine snow

here is me spamming its cuteness lol

i hope you enjoyed it :P

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