Wednesday, January 9, 2013

elmer's glue as peel off base coat x sinful colors x etude house

elmer's glue as peel off base coat 

i have been quite skeptical to try elmer's glue as a peel off base coat because i am afraid of its ability to stay on my nails. but the little time that it will need to remove glitter polish was too much to resist. it would be the easiest way to remove glitter polish if it does work. luckily, although it is not something i am proud of, i don't actually do enough housework to wear out my nails nor do i have to worry about it chipping into my food. therefore, there's no excuse to not try it out.

etude house nail polish dear my party nails

this new awareness that it is okay to wear as much glitter as to my heart's content is pretty awesome. with that awareness i decided to wear a glitter polish that i find super hard to match, its an etude house Dear My Party Nails ppp502 Halloween Day because it has very small purple and pink glitters of different sizes 
etude house nail polish dear my party nails
i do find the polish a bit sheer so I am unsure how many coats it needs to swatch like the above image. 

my current mani is using:

elmer's glue as a base,
essie ~ grow stronger
sinful colors ~ purple diamond
etude house ~ ppp502 Halloween Day

it turned out quite pretty, but i am really really tempted to start peeling my polish to see how it works
i know i didn't go too close to my cuticles as its my first time to try and peel of the polish, i wanted to give myself some room :P

etude house dear my party nails nail polish ppp502 halloween day with sinful colors purple diamond

elmers glue as base coat peel off

elmers glue as base coat peel off

elmers glue as base coat peel off

and this is me peeling it off  ~~ it's so much fun actually, but i couldn't get mine to come off in one piece like i have seen in many other blogs

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