Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ombre / gradient nails ~pretty easy nail pictorial 20

I know there are a few methods to doing an ombre or the gradient look, and this is the method that I adapted and find is the easiest to get a pretty transition without too many steps.
What you ll need (varies based on the number of colors):
  • base nail polish color
  • second transition nail polish color
  • sponge
  • shimmer and/or top coat polish
Hence the easiest :) all you really need is a sponge if you already have nail polishes
wear base coat to protect nails from color stainage
  1. paint your nails with a base color nail polish (and let dry)
  2. paint both colors on sponge
  3. dab the colors (a few times, dont worry if its stubtle) onto each nail (add polish onto sponge when needed, once you go through all the nails it will dry a little bit)
  4. dab the colors (a second time to increase the pigment concentration) onto each nail (repeat dabbing colors cycling through the nails to increase pigments)
  5. apply shimmers or top coat polish
  6. pose (hahah, if you like)
apply top coat to give an extra shine and durability
I hope you enjoyed my pictorial and find it helpful
I would also love to see image replies of your nails did, when you try ombre or gradient nails with this method and let me know what you think

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