Tuesday, January 8, 2013

classy expensive nails ~pretty easy nail pictorial 16

classy expensive nails
I wonder if you guys feel the same, I think this beige colors reminded me of channel flap bag
what you need:
  • opaque or sheer color polish (OPI~Malaysian Mist)
  • sparkle polish (Essie~a cut above)
  • rhinestones
paint base coat to protect nails to minimize color staining
  1. paint half nail (color polish)
  2. decorate (glitter polish)
  3. decorate (rhinestone to line up the half nail)
add top coat to add shine and durability
tips for adding rhinestones
applying rhinestones
  1. apply top coat
  2. use toothpick or pen to touch a bit of top coat from brush to get it a little sticky
  3. pick up rhinestones using the sticky part
  4. adjust onto nail
  5. seal with topcoat
I hope my tips are helpful
what colors do you think looks expensive? I have always wanted the Chanel Caviar flap bag, I find that both black and beige will be classy, but beige will look more youthful right?

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