Tuesday, January 8, 2013

nail mail buddies ~beginner guide

I have been very excited to have found a few nail mail buddies. I have always been curious but at the same time afraid because we don't know each other, but with anything, it takes a little courage to take the first step. I took the Winter holiday festivity as my excuse to try this out.
  • Nail Mail: exchange of nail products through mail, often preferred nail polishes that the buddy won't find in their home country
We tried to figure out each others likes and dislikes, then establish a budget. It is always nice to get to know a person, especially when you have a common interest on NAIL POLISH. Knowing what type of colors your buddy like is always awesome, color palettes and/or textures like creams, jellies, shifting/duochromes, glitters...etc. We prefer to receive colors we like, so having this conversation is definitely a way to connect with the other person and to avoid getting colors that your buddy would hate (for example: personally I have yet to acquire the love for reds, weird huh?)
  • finding out their likes and dislikes is great way to get to know them
  • for first timers, a smaller budget is a safe way to go, $20 seems like good amount for first exchanges
Shop for each other and send out the package :) I think tracking numbers is also a good thing, it helps to provide a sense of security, for both the sender and receiver, to know that it is on its way. I have heard of story that there maybe scams, so I think having a picture of the receipt with tracking number would greatly reduce that fear. However, I did find out that tracking number service fee in Canada is equivalent to the postage of sending the package itself. Then we have to weigh in how much does the content costs, it doesn't make sense to send a package content worth of $20 and pay close to $40 worth of shipping. In the end I have chosen to trust the postage company as the lady who assisted me reassured that my package is covered if it is lost.
  • the best part; shopping for each other
  • sending out the package with postage and receipt photographed for the recipient will provide a sense of security
@lacqueroon, a friend from instagram adds " it is always nice to add little extras in the form of nail care products or lotion and sweets. Everybody loves sweets. :)"
  • extras: small things for nail care, lotion, and sweets in addition to the polishes
I totally agree! I love sweets, it is also a common courtesy I have seen amongst the nail art community nail mail exchanges.
Here is a picture of my nail mail that I prepared for my buddies overseas, I really do hope that they will enjoy the polishes that I picked for them. I wanted to make the packaging a little prettier and personal, so I stamped on a toy windmill design to create a pattern. From my culture toy windmill represents good luck, so I hope that the packages will arrive safely.
Please feel free to let me know what I have missed on nail mail. This is my first time exchanging nail mails, I hope that I have done my best to make our nail mail exchange a wonderful experience.

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