Tuesday, January 8, 2013

how to take off glitter polishes ~ pretty easy glitter removal

How to take of glitter polishes
what you need:
  • cotton
  • foils
  • nail polish remover
Cut the foils and cotton into smaller pieces
  • cotton pads (into quarter sizes)
  • foils (roughly square about 2 inches by 2 inches or 6 cm by 6 cm)
  • wet the quarter sized cotton pads with nail polish remover
  • position it on top of nail
  • use sized down foils to wrap around nail
  • fold in the edges to help secure
  • repeat with other fingers
  • pull off  while pressing down on the nail after ten minutes
It takes of about 98 % of the polishes and glitters, but easy final clean up is needed.
Its an easy way to take off glitter polishes that usually takes about an hour with all the rubbing for me :P

I have heard the white glue method, but I am a bit reluctant to try as I am worried that it ll come off while food prep...

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